Divorce Parties

A little while ago, Isabella made a surprise to her friends: She invited the to a party, celebrating her... divorce. The event was held in the center of Paris. Dressed in a sexy red dress, the 42 year-old communications consultant promised, with the presence of a man dressed as the Mayor and 30 other friends and family, that she wouldn't do the same mistake again. She signed a “Happily Divorced” certificate. She through the flowers to the one next to get married (and divorced) and danced until morning.

The above story is more than just a whim. It's a necessity, since according to statistics most people that brake up have been waiting for a long time to get divorced, which feels like a huge relief.

“It's natural and good for the health of those who finally brake up with their mate, to savor the moment. Celebrating the fact that they leave behind their previous life and start a new one”, psychologists note.

And here lies the originality of Nautikos Omilos. We organize for you the party for your divorce and promise an even greater feeling of relief!

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