Nautikos Omilos is more than just a Bar-Restaurant. The style, the music and the lights can turn the place into a club, that promises to keep you company until sunrise! From the ends of May and on, for every Saturday, music will be played by the most brilliant DJ's of Best FM. Don't miss on the chance....

Join us and enjoy!
DJs - Summer 2010
Date DJ
5/6/2010 Claudia Matola
12/6/2010 Eui Sidiropoulou
19/6/2010 Dimitris Papaspyropoulos
26/6/2010 Andriannos Papadeas
3/7/2010 Anna Anastasiou
17/7/2010 Maria Papadaki
24/7/2010 Katerina Kafetzi
25/7/2010 Dirty Ash - supported by Radio Cannibal
29/7/2010 Hiroshi Watanabe
31/7/2010 George Kampouris
1/8/2010 Dennish Date - supported by Radio Cannibal
7/8/2010 Eua Mpounteouri
8/8/2010 Radio Cannibal
13/8/2010 Andriannos Papadeas
14/8/2010 Claudia Matola
15/8/2010 Cleopatra
21/8/2010 George Seragos

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