Omilos Hydra
A few words about history...

The ultimate travel destination for the 60′s and the 70′s, Hydra was the island that the then jet-set loved more than any other. The place that everybody had fun, here in legendary Lagoudera, the night club where the biggest moments of cosmopolitan Hydra.

It all started in 1958, when Babis Morres visited Hydra for vacations and immediately fell in love with the island. He then decided to move there and start his own business, Lagoudera.

A year before, the movie “Boy on a dophin”, starring Sophia Loren, the first international movie to be shot in Greece was filmed there. Loren sang “What is this called love” for the first time, bringing Hydra to the surface. The island then started to attract major actors from the international scene, like Bridget Bardot, Elizabeth Tailor, John Lenon and most of the greek movie stars, that used to enjoy their evenings in the legendary Lagoudera. With them The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Maria Kallas and major business Tycoons, like Onasis and Jacky Kenedy or even Kings of nations. Many of them came to the island only to visit legendary Lagoudera.

Babis Morres was a brilliant businessman, that always carried a camera with him, taking pictures of the rich and famous that visited him, sending them to Athens for correspondence. A paparazzi of his time, we could dare say. This way Hydra and Lagoudera were always on the front page of lifestyle sheets on newspapers, making famous people travel to Hydra and Lagoudera only to be included in the pictures.

Legendary “Matches” of the restaurant, encouraging people to have fun, drink and enjoy, the leather wallets with Lagoudera logo, the luxurious keyrings, gifts that Babis gave out to his special guests, along with humorous “Enjoyment Awards” that he printed himself, made the restaurant distinct for it’s time. But mostly Babis Morres effort and imagination are behind everything. Decades later, with the flashlights gone and Lagoudera closed, the unique atmosphere of Hydra holds it’s place.

Hydra is still visited by yachts and cruisers. In the place of old Lagoudera, a new thing, a gourmet restaurant that has the locals saying its the new “reference spot”, the legend they have always reminisced…

Spoke for Lagoudera...

Babis Morres had never been here and immediately fell in love with her (Hydra). So next year he opened Lagoudera, in a very nice shop that constructed boats back then. A rather thin and long shop that had boats hanging on the ceiling. Back then, we had record players and when the lights of Hydra where shut off (as we where depended on a motor generator), we would light the candles. There was no time kept, we had fun till the morning, watching the first rays of the sun”

"Lagoudera Employee"

“Every morning, Babis Morres would see which of the cruisers would arrive at the harbor and would fix two items of clay, a small plate and a jar, that would write “Lagoudera” on them. He then would fill them with bread and wine and take them to the people on the boat, as a welcoming gift, from him and everybody on the island

"Hydra local resident"

From the shooting of the film “The sailor of Gibraltar”. Dancing “Syrtaki” with the famous actress Jean Moro, Theodoros Roubanis and Ian Banen, in famous “Lagoudera”.